Yesterday, I received my copy of the April 2012 Brides magazine. Like always, I got lost in the pages. Such a good read and visual stimulator for a wedding addict.  On page 228 – I found my inspiration. So, here it is. My board. It all started with one very pretty Carolina Herrera A-line gown… along the way I found that keeping it doily-only would be too predictable so I added unexpected stripes and polka dots.


  1. Dress
  2. Cake
  3. Doily Flower Wraps
  4. Striped Bow Tie
  5. Dotted Bow Tie
  6. Doily Garland
  7. Heels
  8. Table Decor
  9. Doily Invites
  10. Drink Stirrers
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