Archives for posts with tag: wedding inspiration board recently posted tons of pics of awesome looking cakes. Unfortunately, they are not from a local (LA) bakery. (wah wah waaaaah) Still, I couldn’t resist creating a new board- cake #4 on their post is just fantastic. If it was my cake- I’d do my wed like this:

Pretty right?!

I am super excited for Spring. Hope to see lots of great photos of Spring 2012 weddings. Feel free to email me your thoughts/suggestions …

~ Vanessa


Recently stumbled upon a simply sweet Heart-Themed Wedding. Thanks to sites like Etsy you can find almost anything to create the look you want. I prefer the “romantic-sweet” (my board below) look myself, but the possibilities with this theme are seriously endless! Check out this Valentine’s Day Wedding also. You will absolutely love!

  1. Dress
  2. Bouquet
  3. Heels
  4. Heart Ring
  5. Felt Heart Favors
  6. Silk Heart Buttons
  7. Invite
  8. Heart Stirrer
  9. Cake
  10. Table Decor
  11. Chalkboard Photo Props

Or add sparkle!

  1. Heart Shoe Clips
  2. Heart Boutineer
  3. Glitter Heart Stirrers

So, here’s my confession. I love balloons in photos. So it’s only fitting that I present the following to finish this post:


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